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Game Samurai
Tips N' Cheats

Need some help? You've come to the right place.

Unreal Tournament

Press the tilde key (~) to access the console

God-------Pretty self explanitory
Loaded------All weapons and ammo
ghost------turns clipping off(or on)
Fly---------Just that
Allammo--------Gives you all ammo
Summon (Item,Weapon name)---Summons that object in front of you

Deus Ex

To access the console, you must first edit the User.ini file in the system folder of your game. In this file, change all of the key bindings of the letter t or T to talk.
Ex: t=talk T=talk
Once you have done this, you may access the in game console at any time by pressing the t key.
To activate Cheat mode, type
Set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled true

The cheats are as follows
allweapons---summons all weapons in ha heap infront of you
summon (Item, weapon name)---Summons that item
allaugs-----gives you 12 augumentations with random choices

Quake 3:

Press the tilde key (~) to access the console.

/God:Im invincible!

/allammo:All ammo