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Halo: when is it coming out for PC and why the hell didn't Microsoft release it for PC first?!

Ok, Here's the deal, I was pretty pissed when i first heard that the game that was going to be the best game of the century for PC was transferred over to Xbox. The thing is, They will be creating a PC version soon with bug fixes and all sorts of addons not in the console version, so I figure, good things happen to those that wait. The console people get the first pick of games, but we get the amped up debugged version. So here's the deal...

1. This game Is awesome as it is on Xbox
2. It will be even better on PC-after the bugs are worked out.
3. This long awaited game will finally be coming out In its rightful format this year! 2/15/02

FAQ's Direct From BUNGIE

What non-Xbox features will be in the PC versions, and when will this come out?
As stated above, the PC versions will most likely be out in 2002. More specifically than that, NOBODY knows - including Bungie. Likewise, the enhancements for the PC versions are not currently known, although in May 2001, Alex Seropian suggested to MacGamer that the PC version would have "more missions and more online aspects." We promise - when we know something, it'll be posted, loudly and clearly.

It says 'Only on Xbox'! Does that mean the PC version was cancelled?
No. As it says clearly on our forum (where this question comes up most often):

"Only on Xbox" means "Not on any other console".
It does NOT mean "Never coming to Mac or PC".
Halo WILL be coming to Mac and PC.

This has been confirmed, specifically, literally dozens of times by many Bungie employees, including Matt Soell (Community Liason), Jon Kimmich (Halo Product Planner), and Alex Seropian (co-founder of Bungie).





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