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Game Samurai
Exellent deals on cool stuff!


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These are some Computer Items that I am selling or even giving away!

To Buy something, Just E-mail me by going to my contact me page and I will get back to you
Note: all prices are negotiable and I have only one copy of each product. SO HURRY UP NOW BEFORE I RUN OUT!

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force--$15.00*

Half Life Blue Shift--$20.00*

Used PC-Gamer Cd's

1-2 months old--$.50*

3-older--free!*(with purchase of an object $1.00 or more)

Tribes 1--$9.00*(Classic first ever massively multiplayer game)

Tribes 2--$15.00*(fun massive Multiplayer Game)


Unreal Gold--$5.00*(exellent graphics and an improved Gameplay since the first edition)

Unreal Tournament:G.O.T.Y--$18.00*(Exellent game, best FPS I've ever played)

Outpost 2--$2.00*

Red Alert--$9.00* (excellent classic game, Retail price=$14.00

Bedlam--$1.00* (Fun RPG style game!)

Battle Zone2--$5.00*(fun FPS/RTS Game!)

Tribal Rage--$4.00*


Megaman X--$1.00*(very fun!)

Duke Nukem 3D--$2.00*--(Classic groundbreaking FPS)

Red Hot Deal!

Gameboy Pocket:Red with 14 games, a Game Genie, a GameBoy carrying case, and a Game Shark.
Games:Rampage:World Tour Color edition, Jurassic Park, Metroid 2: Return of Samus, R-Type, Spider-Man 2, Casper, RoboCop, Urban Strike, Double Dragon, Super Mario Land 2, Batman: Return of the Joker, Star Wars:Empire Strikes Back, Operation Contra,& T2 the arcade game.

For bundle, Individual games = $5.00 each, gameboy= $20.00

*Purchaser pays for all shipping and handling